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Why feed Raw Food?

Recently, more and more pet food brands have been coming out with Raw food. What is it and what are the benefits? Is it really worth the extra money? In short, yes. Raw food can come either freeze dried or frozen, and often features a blend of real, USDA certified meats, with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would put into your own body. These diets are much closer to an animals natural diet as opposed to kibble which is artificially made and loses some nutrient values when it is cooked. Not only is raw food a super healthy option for your animal, it also tastes really good too! Your animal will get to taste the real meat, fruit, and veggies that they would naturally be eating out in the wild. Raw food consistently has the highest palatability of any of the pet foods. Raw food is also lower in starch, which helps promote a healthier endocrine system in your pet. Basically, in simple terms, your pet will have an easier time digesting their food. The raw foods we carry at Pawsarottis - Primal, Smallbatch, Stella & Chewy's, and My Perfect Pet - are super high in protein, up to 85%, while many kibble brands are around 20-30%. That means when you are feeding your dog a raw diet, they are getting the good stuff, as opposed to fillers like rice, potatoes, corn, or other things like that that fill up your pet but do not give them much nutritional benefit. To summarize, Raw food is worth the extra money because your pet will be happier and healthier, and will enjoy their food much more! Come in to Pawsarottis and try it out today, and remember if there is ever any problem with the food or your pet does not like it, you can always return it for a full refund!

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