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Which Flea/Tick Remedy Should I Use?

We are about a month in to flea and tick season, and I have had multiple customers come in and ask what they should use. If you are the average customer, chances are you have no idea which treatment you should use either. We offer sprays, shampoos, collars, powders, and topical treatments, and if that wasn't too many options for you we also have different brands to choose from in those categories. The goal of this post is to help you narrow down your choices.

Generally most people do not think about flea and ticks until you see one on your pet, so let's take a look at what you can use once your animal already has an infestation. We have sprays for outdoor areas, which can be used to treat outdoor areas your animal will be in. If you take care of the flea/tick problem before your animal goes outside, they won't be tracking in any unwanted guests. If you know your pet got a flea from outside, it is best to treat that area so it will not be a bigger problem in the future. We have two options for outdoor flea and tick spray, one by Vet Best and another by Natural Chemistry. I would personally choose the Natural Chemistry one as it is significantly cheaper and has more natural ingredients. By that same brand Natural Chemistry, we also offer sprays for indoor furniture and pet beds, as well as sprays for your pets coat that kills fleas and ticks on contact. If your pet already has fleas, I would recommend all 3 sprays since fleas and ticks multiply rapidly and you do not want that going on inside your home.

If you see fleas on your animal, you also definitely will want to give them a flea bath. We offer two brands of flea shampoo, Natural Chemistry and Vet Best. I would suggest the Vet Best shampoo, since they make their shampoo anti itch, instead of only killing fleas on contact. We also do offer itching sprays that you might want to use to give your pet some relief while you try getting rid of the infestation.

The NUMBER ONE cure for fleas and ticks though, is preventative measures before you see any fleas or ticks at all. We carry topical treatments that are a single dose every month, as well as flea collars. These can be used for prevention or if you have an infestation you are trying to get rid of. These are generally on the more expensive side, but you really do get what you pay for. We carry Frontline, Advantage, Advantix 2, as well as a more natural (and cheaper) topical treatment made by Earthanimal, the same brand that makes our customer fan favorite Earthanimal No Hide Chews. If I had to choose one topical treatment to use on my pets, I would most likely choose Frontline, as they are the most reputable brand out of the options we carry. We carry flea collars from Earthanimal, as well as Seresto, and the Seresto collars are my #1 recommendation to ANYONE who is worried about fleas and wants to prevent them altogether or if you have already seen a flea on your pet. I personally have used it and can attest to the fact that it works, and it gives you the longest flea protection out of all of the options. Most topical treatments are 4 packs of one month doses, and cost around $50-$60, and for $65 you could get a Seresto flea collar that lasts up to 8 months. While it is on the more expensive side, you definitely get what you pay for, and it is worth it to keep your pet free of any irritating fleas or ticks.

I hope this was helpful, and the staff here at Pawsarottis would love to answer any of your questions that this article didn't!

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