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Tikicat Raw Food

Raw diets have been steadily gaining popularity for some time now- real meat,bones, organs, as well as real fruits and vegetables make this diet much healthier than other nutrition options for your pet. Raw diets are really popular for dogs, but your cat should not be left out! This is why Tikipet has just released their best line yet- TIkicat Raw. Tikipet uses minimally processed human grade food, which is made and packaged in a human grade facility in the United States. Most cats today eat commercially made dry kibble, which is ok, but it does not include moisture which is crucial for cats digestive tracts. Cats naturally get the moisture they need from their diet, they tend to drink less water than other domesticated animals like dogs. Even many wet foods (I'm looking at you, Fancy feast and Friskies) which do provide moisture heavily rely on carbohydrates instead of proteins, which makes the meals fill your cat up, but not give them much nutritional value. This is the equivalent of giving your cat pasta and potatoes for every meal. Tikicat Raw aims to fix this problem, with a food high in both moisture and protein. Cats have problems processing carbohydrates in large quantities, so feeding a cat a diet with only dry food or wet foods high in carbs could potentially give your cat health problems in the long run. Tikicat Raw is 75-80% protein, less than 9% fat, 2% carbs, and 10-12% ash which will include all the essential nutrients, like magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and other trace elements which are crucial to your pets overall nutrition. For cats it comes in single protein formulas (currently we have turkey and chicken), no fruits or vegetables as cats cannot process plant proteins, and no added hormones or GMO ingredients. This diet is as close as it gets to replicating a cats natural diet in the wild. Tikicat Raw currently comes in 8 or 24oz tubs, which can be refrigerated after thawing it for the first time. If you are interested in trying it out, come in and ask how you can get a FREE 8oz tub as a sample!

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