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Stress & Anxiety Relief for your Pet

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, you are probably thinking about barbecues, fireworks, and seeing friends and family. However, you should also be thinking about what will happen when the fireworks start going off, and your dog or cat not having any idea what is going on. To you, it is a beautiful display of patriotism, to them, they think something bad is happening and they are in danger. Everyone wants the Fourth of July to be a day filled with fun, so instead of worrying about what your pet will do when the fireworks go off it is best to be prepared before hand. Did you know that between July 4th and July 6th, reports of lost pets in America go up by 30%, and only 14% of those pets that get lost are returned to their owner? Luckily, you have time to stock up on stress and anxiety relievers before it is too late! At Pawsarotti's we research our products extensively, to provide only the best for your furry friends. We also carry a range of products from pheramone calming sprays to pills, gels, and calming shirts! Below are some of the things we carry for stress and anxiety.

Ark Naturals Happy Traveler - Coming in treat or pill form, this brand is recommended for animals who get motion sickness from being in the car, but they are also suggested to use for animals who are visiting a vet or kennel, scared of fireworks, or showing inappropriate behavior. This brand was formulated by two veterinarians, and are made in the USA. For more info, check out

Naturvet Quiet Moments - Coming in treat, pill, and spray form, these are great natural based calming products that our customers love and swear by! This brand is manufactured right here in California, and with the different options on how to get the calming product in your animals system, you can be sure that your animal will get the relief it needs. You can even double up, using the spray and one of the treats or pills too! This brand offers options for both dogs and cats, so you can make sure the entire furry family is relaxed during the celebration. For more info on this brand, check out

Sentry Calming Collars - These work just like a flea collar! They are worn like a normal collar, and can be cut to fit any size dog. They release a pheromone that reminds them of the feeling of security they had around their mom when they were puppies. It is drug free and naturally based, with Lavender and Chamomile, which also provide a soothing fragrance. You can use the sentry calming collar with other calming aids as well! For more info on this brand, check out

Thundershirt - These shirts help your dog feel a sense of security, similar to wrapping yourself up in a blanket. a tight shirt on your dog can apply pressure, which is proven to help with stress and anxiety. The Thundershirt brand also makes a pheromone calming spray similar to the Naturvet Quiet Moments. For more info on this brand, check out

Another note to add: make sure your pet's ID tag has accurate up to date information, and get your pet micro chipped if they are not already! This will be crucial in reuniting you and your pet if anything unexpected happens.


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