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Natural Dog Company

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Natural Dog Company is a holistic health company that uses natural ingredients to meet your dogs health needs! They use only natural, organic, and non toxic ingredients! Natural Dog Company also donates to various animal rescues throughout the country, and promotes education about pet health!

Products we carry from Natural Dog Company

1) Skin Soother: Made from cocoa butter, candelilla wax, frankincense, almond oil, and sea buckthorn oil, the skin soother is great for a wide variety of skin issues! It is great for cuts, rashes, scrapes, abrasions, burns, or even surgical wounds, and it also has natural antibiotic properties! It prevents infections, takes care of the skin issue, and reduces scarring compared to other skin products on the market!

2) Snout Soother: Made from kukui nut oil, rosemary, grape seed oil, and candelilla wax, the snout soother is great for dogs with dry, crusty, chapped, cracked, or bleeding noses! These are especially good to use during the hot dry summer months, as they will undoubtedly provide some much needed relief for your dog! As dogs get older, their nose starts drying up as well, so this is also a great product for senior dogs!

3) Paw Soother: Made from cajeput essential oil, natural vitamin e, cupuacu butter, and calendula, the paw soothers are a great product for dogs with damaged, cracked, or itchy paws! The paw soother's natural herbal blend will hydrate and heal your dogs paws. These are especially great for the summer time, since the hot pavement can hurt your dogs paws!

For more info on Natural Dog Company, click here!

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