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Wildfire Pet Preparedness

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

It is that time of year again, as wildfires rage all around us in Sonoma County. While we are safe for now, that could change in a matter of minutes, and during an emergency, time is the one thing you do not have, so being prepared and having a plan for evacuation is a necessity. Rounding up all of your animals is a hassle on its own, so you do not want to be worrying about getting your animals all ready to go and packing something for them on the spot, since you might not have time or you might forget something important.

Checklist for your to go bag for your animals:

- a crate/carrier for each animal which makes transport much easier

- an extra leash

- a minimum of 2 weeks of food per animal

- food/water bowls

- medications

- anxiety relief

- cat litter pan & litter for cats

- poop bags

- paper towels

- treats


- stain and odor remover

- waterless shampoo

- long term chew treats to keep your dogs occupied

Some other things to think about:

1) Make sure your dog has an id tag with up to date information & get your animals micro chipped and registered. You don't want to get separated from your pet with no way to reunite.

2) Make sure your neighbors or someone close to you knows you have animals at home that will need help if an evacuation warning comes while you are out of the house.

3) Keep your animals vet records in a safe place!

4) If you must evacuate without your animals, leave doors & gates open so they have a way to get to safety.

For more wildfire preparedness for your pet, click here!

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