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Get a FREE bag of goodies for your pets birthday!

We love celebrating your pets birthdays, because your pets are basically members of our family as well. We know many by name, and get excited when they come to the store and say hello. To celebrate your pets birthday, we offer a FREE bag of goodies, including a toy, some of our most popular treats, and more! We can also put together something for your cat if you celebrate their birthday as well. To get a birthday bag, all you need to do is sign up on our email list in our store, and give us your pets name and birthday! We send out only one email at the beginning of each month, with all the information on things happening in the store - sales, events, or promotions, so that you can keep up to date with the best deals available to you, as well as fun events you might want to come check out! On our monthly newsletter we also include pictures of customers pets, and occasionally include email only offers, so signing up for our emails is a great way to get the best price on your pets favorite things! The only other time you should see an email from us is if we are emailing you to remind you to come in for a free birthday bag! You can sign up multiple pets for birthday bags, and we can make up special birthday bags for animals with dietary restrictions as well. For birthday celebrations, we also offer birthday cake mixes, special birthday cookies, ice cream, and more! We want you and your pet to feel at home in our store, so come in and let us help celebrate their birthdays!

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