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Food of the Month

Looking for a great deal on a high quality dog food? Look no further! Our featured food of the month for April is Fromm dog food! They are a family owned business that has been in the pet industry for over 100 years, and tons of our Pawsarotti pets are eating it right now! There are tons of flavors to choose from, with grain or grain free options, so you know that you'll find something for even the pickiest of pups! We are offering $3 off our small bags, $5 off our medium bags, and $8 off the large bags! On top of that, we are also doing a BOGO sale on all Fromm dog treats! The sale starts April 1st, and no fooling, lasts the entire month! As with all of our dry food at Pawsarotti's, if you or your pet are unsatisfied for any reason with the food, bring it back even if it is open and we will give you a full refund! If you like the food, you could get started on our Fromm frequent buyer program, where if you buy 12 bags, you get the 13th bag free!

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