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Flea and Tick Season is Coming!

Every year as temperatures begin to warm up and you bring your pet outside more, there is a pest waiting out there too. Fleas and Ticks come out of the wood works starting in March in some areas, and you and your pet need to be ready! It is much better to prevent a problem from starting in the first place than to deal with having fleas and ticks all over your house in your furniture, carpets, and most importantly, bothering your furry friend. Luckily, Pawsarotti's has tons of options for both prevention and removal. We carry Frontline, Advantix 2, and Advantage for cats and dogs, as well as Seresto flea collars for both. We also offer a natural alternative for those who do not want to use chemical products on their animals that actually works really well. It is made by the brand Earth Animal, who you may know as the brand that makes our super popular Earth Animal No Hide Chews! If that isn't enough still, we have flea sprays, shampoos, powder to put in their food that makes fleas and ticks not like the pets blood so they will leave your pet alone, as well as flea combs. Whatever route you want to take with the flea and tick problem, we have the product you need! Just hoping your pet does not get fleas or ticks isn't a good prevention plan, use preventative measures to ensure you and your pet do not have to deal with the annoying problem of having bugs in your home!

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