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Coming Soon! Pawsarotti's Coupon Book!

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

We are in the process of putting together an AWESOME coupon book for our store! Coupons we have so far are $10 off Stella & Chewy's food, $3 off Dogswell and Cloudstar treats, $3 off Tikipet dry food, $3 off Primal freeze dried food, $3 off Earthbath products, $5 off any toy, $5 off flea and tick remedies, $3 off any collar, leash, or harness, $2 off nail trims with Michelle, a 25% off coupon at a local 5 star rated pet groomer, and many more great coupons! Altogether we have about 85$ worth of coupons in the book, and we will also donate $5 to Dogwood Animal Rescue for every book sold! We are going to be selling this book that has a value of $90 for $19.99, coming soon! Stay tuned!

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